Dapper Dog Cuisine

2lbs Chicken Recipe

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Dapper Dog Cuisine Chicken Recipe is a dog food like no other! Packed with real nutrition, from quality chicken as the main protein source and real vegetables to provide a complete and vitamin packed meal that your dog will love, and you can feel safe feeding to them! All our ingredients are 100% Human Grade and formulated to provide your 4-legged children with quality nutrition. Our all natural product comes in a convenient, shelf-stable dehydrated form that you simply add water to rehydrate pre-feeding. Once rehydrated the food should have an oatmeal to soup type consistency depending on how much water you add.

Ingredients: Chicken, Potato, Carrots, Green Beans, Celery, Spinach

Please Note our 2lbs bag makes 8lbs when fully rehydrated with the recommended water amount listed.

 Recipe Highlights:

Grain and Gluten free

Chemical and preservative free

Corn and other lower quality filler ingredients free

Ideal for adult and senior dogs as well as picky eaters

Moderate in calories and protein