About Us

First off, thanks for wanting to know more about us! The Dapper Dog Cuisine Company was founded by Scott Shafer, a California life-long resident.  During college Scott was fortunate enough to get a job working at one of the top doggy daycares in Orange County, California. It was a terrific place to work and he personally got to interact with hundreds of dogs on a weekly basis. During his time there he quickly realized how many owners truly care about the wellbeing of their dogs. Many owners would bring in human grade meals, made specific for their dogs and at great cost to them, simply so they could feel safe feeding their dogs the best ingredients around.

Scott Shafer

Scott saw this as an opportunity to get into the business of making all natural chicken jerky treats to provide a quality locally made treat to serve to clients. This quickly became a hit and he grew the all-natural dehydrated chicken jerky business. With continued research he realized an all-natural dehydrated dog food could be made that would provide the same premium quality, but at a lower cost and it would be “shelf stable” making it last much longer than the pricey freshly made products. following completion of college with a bachelor’s degree in business administration Scott set out to start up a company with the desire to produce the highest quality, all natural, human grade dog food at a price that is affordable to all. Here at Dapper Dog Cuisine we have spent over two years perfecting the process and recipe to our Chicken based dog food and have spent that time selling to local business as well as on eBay and Amazon. We have a real passion for dogs and love knowing our high quality dog food is enjoyed by dogs across America.

Dapper Dog Cuisine

A few people have asked us where the name for the company came from. We picked the name Dapper Dog Cuisine because we wanted it to reflect on the high-end products we produce. Our name also reflects on our business philosophy for the company: Quality ingredients for quality dogs!