Dog Food for the 21st century

The era of Kibble is over! Over the past few years the human food market has changed. People are choosing to drink fewer sugary beverages. Trans fats are banned in fast food, and artificial dyes are being weaned out of many popular products. The dog food industry needs a shakeup as well. Dry dog food which became popular during World War Two has remained relatively unchanged since then. Most kibble contains inferior meat byproducts that are unsuitable for human consumption, “meat meals” contained in some pet foods are legally allowed to use diseased livestock and even road kill in their product! The process of turning the ingredients into kibble also has the added effect of killing off most of the nutrients, which is why most kibble products have a long list of added vitamin supplements to make up for this!

At Dapper Dog Cuisine, we want to take dog food into the 21st century! All our ingredients are 100% human grade. We use quality meats as our protein source, the same meats that are fit for human consumption, as well as vegetables and fruits to fulfill the nutrient requirements of our four-legged family members. We also use the gentle process of dehydration to make our product shelf stable so the nutrients aren’t “cooked” away like kibble, and we never have to use any harmful chemicals to preserve our products! Our goal is to make a premium dog food consumers can feel safe feeding their dogs at a reasonable price!

The Dapper Dog Difference

Many people have taken the step to change their pets to a raw or all natural diet and that’s exactly what Dapper Dog Cuisine aims to provide in a convenient form. With human grade quality ingredients, no chemicals, and no fillers, our product does come at a higher cost then low end kibble, but is comparably priced for premium dry foods and cheaper than most raw diets. When transitioning from kibble to a premium product like ours or a raw diet, many people notice a decrease in their pets itching, upset stomachs, and other digestive issues. They can also see increases in energy levels, skin and coat health, and improved appetite. Just like humans, when animals eat wholesome foods it shows!